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Outraged Arsenal fan takes extreme measures


Cesc Fabregas’s £30m move to Chelsea has left many fans heartbroken. But the bad guy, according to one long time Arsenal fan, is Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger.

Arsenal had first option to bring the Spain international back to the Emirates, but even though Fabregas wanted to return to North London, Arsene Wenger felt he already had enough players in that position.

This decision has prompted long-term Arsenal supporter John Eastman to take drastic measures.

The 55-year-old Eastman, who has been a Gunners supporter for the last 45 years, was so outraged by Wenger that he had an Arsenal crest tattoo on his chest covered with another design before binning club memorabilia.

After Fabregas completed his move to Chelsea, Mr Eastman decided that he no longer wanted the tattoo or club souvenirs that he had collected over the many decades of supporting Arsenal.

‘Wenger won’t put his hand in his pocket to buy players, he’s too tight,’ Mr Eastman said.

‘He’s broken my heart.’

Love hurts…


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Cesc Fabregas to Leave Arsenal for Barcelona

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=cesc+fabregas+fan&iid=8123556″ src=”1/d/6/5/Stoke_City_vs_b8f7.jpg?adImageId=12905786&imageId=8123556″ width=”500″ height=”363″/]

Arsenal’s season had started with such promise. The free scoring Gunners had the added advantage of being maturer than they had been in the past and in many games put up a fight when the going got tough. Unfortunately, the season ended in the same fashion as the last, in disappointment. Arsenal were unlucky enough to have drawn Barcelona in the Champions League knock-out stages and were given a master-class in football by the La Liga Champions in their 4-1 loss at the Nou Camp. Just like their Champions League dream died, Arsenal’s title ambitions also fizzled out leaving them third on the league table behind champions Chelsea and second place, Manchester United.

With the north London club failing to add to their trophy cabinet this season, fans must have felt that the worst disappointments of the season were behind them. Unfortunately, the  the final blow was to be dealt by their captain Cesc Fabregas who told  his father figure and mentor Arsene Wenger in a face-to-face meeting that he wants to quit Arsenal and rejoin Barcelona. Cesc had joined Arsenal as a 16-year old from Barcelona’s youth teams where he had played alongside Lionel Messi and has enjoyed the privilege of captaincy and  a demi-god status at Arsenal.

It couldn’t have been easy for the mid-fielder to tell the man he feels he owes his career to that he no longer wanted to stay at the club. A decision that stems, it seems  from the fear of losing out on the higher accolades since Arsenal haven’t come any closer to winning in Europe or in the domestic league in the last few seasons. Barcelona on the other hand are a team on fire. They are the reigning La Liga champions and Champions League winners (till March 28). Barcelona’s manager Pep Guardiola has already proven that his success in his first season at the club was not a fluke and that he knows how to build a champion team.

Arsene Wenger, it is believed, took the news calmly and asked the 23-year old Spaniard to stay for one more season but Fabregas has his heart set on returning home to Barcelona this summer. It is believed that Barcelona would be willing to offer £30m for Fabregas who was signed for nothing by Arsenal in 2003.  Arsenal however, would be looking for more than £40m for the player who they consider irreplaceble and undoubtedly one of the world’s best midfielders. Reports from Barcelona have also suggested that Yaya Touré could be used as a makeweight in the deal.

Fabregas has already said that he wants his future decided before the World Cup and unfortunately for Arsenal fans, it it seems that his belief Arsene Wenger’s vision has suffered a few knocks over the years while his belief in Pep Guardiola’s ability to win silverware is minty fresh.

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Kick the Bullies Out of Football: Ban Marlon King

[picapp src=”7/f/a/e/PicImg_Cristiano_Ronaldo_Manchester_96bf.JPG?adImageId=7090007&imageId=4133236″ width=”500″ height=”301″ /]

Marlon King who plays for Premier League club Wigan Athletic for has been found guilty of sexual assault and causing actual bodily harm. He was sacked by the club and sentenced for 18 months in prison. Marlon, father of three was celebrating his wife’s pregnancy and scoring a winning goal at Revue Bar in London’s Soho district when he groped Miss Emily Carr, a 20-year old university student who had the misfortune of being in the same club as the arrogant striker.  Emily, a slightly built girl recoiled from King’s touch and asked him to not to touch her. The 35,000-a-week footballer, started shouting “Don’t you know who I am, I’m a millionaire love… you are not even in my league” and then he took one step backward and smashed her in the face with a clenched fist, breaking her nose with the blow. Miss Carr said,”It was like being hit with a brick in the face. My friend who saw it said King took a step back and delivered the punch like a boxer in the ring – with full force.”

It was an act of sickeningly brutal, unprovoked violence against a slightly built girl and this wasn’t the first time for the 39-year old Marlon King. He has a lengthy criminal record(a total of 13 convictions!) which dates back to when he was only 19 and  includes dishonesty, assault, theft, criminal damage, drink-driving, receiving a stolen £30,000 BMW  and violence against women. In 2003, King was convicted of common assaults on two women whom he chased through Soho with a belt wrapped round his fist, one of whom he punched in the face in another unprovoked violent reaction. In 2006, he was convicted of threatening behaviour after slapping a woman on the head and bottom and then spitting at her for which he was fined £800. Small change for someone like him!

And this time, he has once again scarred a girl physically and mentally for life. Emily Carr has called for him to be banned from the game for life.  She said that King’s lawyers had been moaning about their client losing £1 million in earning, while she said she had lost her face! What I don’t understand is, why was this man playing in the top league and getting paid millions for what can only be called average footballing skill in the first place? Why would any club, even consider getting such a person on their team. I know people make mistakes and should be given a second chance in life but those people need to work hard to deserve the second chance.

The Professional Footballers’ Association’s chief executive, Gordon Taylor has said that the PFA will support Marlon King and that everyone makes mistakes and they are sure he’ll overcome his problems and that they will support him to get his life and career back. I think this is absolute rubbish. First of all, which career is Gordon Taylor, talking about? Marlon King certainly is not a footballer. He is a liar and a thief  who also plays football. He is a danger to women and is in denial of his violence. He still claims that he is a victim of mistaken identity and will appeal the sentence. Is this the sort of man PFA wants to help and support?!  Secondly, at what cost are we thinking about giving this person a second chance… a person who’s had his share of second chances given to him already. Millions of children and youngsters, all over the world look up to footballers and aspire to be like them. They dream of having the money, the lifestyle, gorgeous women, the glamour, the fame, the excitement and the fanfare which a successful career in football brings with it. Do we want them to learn that they can get away with such brutal acts… that they can break a girl’s nose, spit on another, steal and lie, all because they can hit a football somewhat well?

Arsene Wenger, the manager of Arsenal FC has said “When he has paid his sentence, of course you would consider sigining someone like that.” At what cost Mr. Wenger?  You can’t polish a turd. King doesn’t deserve another chance in football. He has already had a chance too many… 13 chances too many. It’s time to kick out such bullies out of  football.

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