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Who Does Cristiano Ronaldo Want to Meet?

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=cristiano&iid=8169126″ src=”0/9/7/f/OPENING_FOR_THE_b40c.jpg?adImageId=11195472&imageId=8169126″ width=”234″ height=”340″ /]

[picapp align=”right” wrap=”false” link=”term=sophie+reade&iid=6749284″ src=”d/6/f/0/Ann_Summers_a959.jpg?adImageId=11195460&imageId=6749284″ width=”234″ height=”337″ /]

Ok, here is a riddle for you.. What do football and topless models have in common? Well, Cristiano Ronaldo of-course!  The world’s most expensive player who has always had a thing for women who shed their clothes for a living has reportedly been very interested in meeting  Big Brother winner and topless model Sophie Reade. Sophie told the Daily Star, “I met Ronaldo when I was 18. I was having a meal with my boyfriend at the time.

“He cornered me on the way out the restaurant and asked for my number. I knew who he was but there was nothing I could do as my boyfriend dragged me away.

“But his manager recently rang my manager to see if I wanted to see him in Madrid. He is keen to meet me again apparently.”

Sophie revealed that the £80m striker is her passion even though she is a Liverpool supporter and thinks Cristiano is Spanish, but surely such things are mere trifles in matters of the heart.

The curvaceous star recently nauseated her followers on twitter by posting  “Just p*ssed in a starbucks cup in the car!! Classy I know hahaha”

When a  bewildered and repulsed soul asked her as to what prompted her to divulge such an icky detail, Miss Reade replied simply with  “cos I’m honest.”

Oh in that case, post away ye truthful one! Such unparalleled honesty (thankfully!),  sure makes it hard to not believe her claims about the Real Madrid star’s alleged interest.


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Real Madrid and Cristiano Ronaldo Crash Out of the Champions League

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=cristiano+ronaldo&iid=8219492″ src=”4/9/b/6/REAL_MADRID_VS_b15e.jpg?adImageId=11179698&imageId=8219492″ width=”450″ height=”395″ /]

Real Madrid’s were stunned by French side Lyon as they crashed out of he Champions League at their home ground. This is the sixth successive season in which the world’s richest club in revenues was knocked out of the last 16 stage of the competition.

The Spanish giants started the game well with Cristiano Ronaldo netting his seventh Champions League goal of the the season and levelling the aggregate scores at 1-1 in the 6th minute of the game.Real Madrid failed to capitalize on their early lead and were made to pay for the several missed chances as Miralem Pjanic smashed home an equaliser for Lyon in the 75th minute.

The scoreline could have been worst for the Blancos had Lyon’s Lisandro and Cesar Delgado, both not missed chances when clean through at the end.

With Real Madrid’s home ground the Bernabeu being the venue for this year’s final and £240m worth of signings of star players like Cristiano Ronaldo and Kaka, expectations were running high in Madrid.

This failure to make it past the round of 16 leaves Real Madrid manager Manuel Pelligrini under a lot of pressure with many already speculating Jose Mourinho to replace him.

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‘MADEIRA’ – Cristiano Ronaldo to play in Charity Match

Real Madrid striker Cristiano Ronaldo scored with a trademark  free-kick to put his team ahead in Sunday evening’s La Liga match against Villareal. He then lifted up his Real Madrid jersey to reveal a t-shirt on which was simply written ‘MADEIRA’  to commemorate the recent loss of life in Madeira.  Cristiano Ronaldo who is the World’s most expensive footballer was born in the poor district of Funchal, the capital city of Madeira. The Portuguese island of Madeira was hit by flash floods on Saturday following torrential rains. The disaster which left 42 people dead and 32 missing saw raging waters sweeping through the capital Funchal,as cars were buried, buildings damaged and people swept along.

“It’s where I grew up and where my family live”, Ronaldo told the Real Madrid website. “I couldn’t believe what I saw on the television. I want to help in any way I can.”

Football is now trying to raise money for the victims  by organising a charity match between Porto, the current Portuguese champions and the two clubs from Madeira, C.S. Marítimo and Nacional.

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is by far Madeira’s most famous native has said that he will be playing in the match, “Its one of the saddest moments for our region. I want to share my solidarity for the victims families. Now we have to be positive and help in what is necessary. It’s true that it is a very sad day for all of us and I want to leave my message for all people in Madeira. We are all together.”

The date for the match has not yet been set.

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Mirror reflects wrong image of Cristiano Ronaldo


The real Cristiano Ronaldo

I love to see gossip columnists and tabloid publishers grovel.It’s sickening to see some irresponsible journalists mar the reputation of clean, hard-working professional.So when they beg for forgiveness it reminds me that nothing can replace the truth for long. No matter how big and strong the gossip-monger, in this case a British tabloid serving us mostly concocted stories since 1903, the truth (also known as Cristiano Ronaldo) ultimately prevails. Last year, when Cristiano was recovering from his ankle operation in the USA, ‘The Daily Mirror’ had run a story on the front page about  him. Cristiano had sued them and from Mirror’s apology letter it is clear that the entire report was a figment of imagination with the exception of the existence of a footballer called Cristiano Ronaldo. Here is the Mirror’s apology letter:



On 17 July 2008 in our front page article “Ron the Lash” we falsely reported that whilst recovering from an operation to his ankle Cristiano Ronaldo had “gone on a bender” at a Hollywood nightclub where he splashed out £10,000 on champagne and vodka and threw his crutches to the ground and tried to dance on his uninjured foot.

We now accept that Cristiano did not “go on a bender”, did not drink any alcohol that evening, did not spend £10,000 on alcohol, nor throw his crutches to the floor or try to dance.

We also accept that he did not act irresponsibly nor jeopardise his recovery and in fact made a full recovery from his injury in record time. We apologise to him for the embarrassment and offence caused and have agreed to pay him substantial damages and his legal costs.

Gotta give it to the Mirror for story telling! 😀

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FIFA World Player of the Year Award Shortlist 2009 : Will it be Michael Essien?

John TerryFernando TorresSamuel Eto'oFranck RiberyKaka Real MadridDavid VillaCristiano Ronaldo Real MadridWayne RooneyGianluigi BuffonAndreas IniestaMichael EssienFabianoDeigoXavi HernandesLionel MessiPuyol Zlatan IbrahimovicThierry HenryIker CasillasSteven GerrardMichael BallackDidier DrogbaFrank Lampard

Congratulations to all True Blues out there. Aren’t we having a great year so far?  8 goals in total against Bolton this week, top of the Premier League table and now we have the 5 players on the FIFA World Player Award shortlist. The 23 men (in a completely biased Chelsea first, order) who are in contention for the title of the FIFA World Player2009 are:


John Terry (England),  Frank Lampard (England),  Michael Ballack (German)

Didier Drogba (Côte d’Ivoire) Michael Essien (Ghana)


Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Sweden),  Andrés Iniesta (Spain),

Thierry Henry (France),  Lionel Messi (Argentina), Carles Puyol (Spain),

Xavi Hernandez (Spain)

Real Madrid

Iker Casillas (Spain),  Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal),  Kaká (Brazil)


Fernando Torres (Spain),  Steven Gerrard (England)


Gianluigi Buffon (Italy), Diego (Brazil)

Inter Milan

Samuel Eto’o (Cameroon)


Luis Fabiano (Brazil)

Bayern Munich

Franck Ribéry (France)


David Villa (Spain)

Manchester United

Wayne Rooney (England)

According to me, the FIFA World Player should go to  Michael Kojo Essien and its not because he is a Chelsea player but because he is an incredible player. A player whose contribution to Chelsea’s success is often overlooked because of the presence of such superstars in the Chelsea line-up. Essien is a very talented midfielder who creates great chances for the team and is  also very strong in defence. The stunner he scored in the Chelsea-Blackburn game is yet another reminder of what a powerful footballer he is, something which is somtimes  overlooked by the starry-eyed fans mesmerised by the glamour of Michael Ballack,  Didier Drogba, Frank Lampard, Joe Cole, John Terry and Nicholas Anelka.  An all-rounder and a handful for any team, Essien is the quintessential talented, hard-working, focused player who is an asset to any team that he plays for. While he might not have won the title of Chelsea’s top pin-up boy, which is proudly held by Michael Ballack, Michael Essien has definitely  won the respect of all as Mr. Dependable. He is admired by opposition players and absolutely adored by his Chelsea and Ghana teammates who recognise just how important a part he plays in the team’s success. I know he probably isn’t going to win and  everyone senses that this year is finally going to be  Lionel Messi’s  turn to win it but I think one of these year’s someone is going to have to give Essien this award. Messi is marvelous and it will be great to see him crowned the Best Player in the World but then who knows maybe FIFA will surprise us all.

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Fafa to repel Pepe’s Spell: Cristiano Ronado Safe from Paris Hilton

The identity of the mystery ‘mean’ woman who asked Wizard Pepe to put a wizard1evilcurse on Cristiano Ronaldo has finally been revealed or may be I should say confirmed. Yep.. if you guessed this mystery “jilted lover”, “non-European” and “a very wealthy heiress from a well-known family” eluded to by Wizard Pepe, as Paris Hilton, feel free to do your crazy, silly, happy, woohoo victory dance now.

Paris, who fit the Wizard’s description of his client to the T has obliquely confirmed the suspicions of many to Life & Style magazine’s German edition.

She said “I can’t stand it when someone is mean. I want a man anyway, not someone who runs about like a little girl. He’s a wimp!”

Pepe – the Wizard, had revealed that he had been hired “to do everything possible to prevent Cristiano Ronaldo continuing his career in football” and that he will take his voodoo doll of the player and “stab him in the spine”.

blue wizardWow! she really does sound like a broken-hearted little princess with the touch of evil about her. That is just a horrible thing to say or agree to do. It is even more despicable to ask someone to do it. I can’t imagine anyone even jokingly hoping for a super footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo’s or even a common Cobbie’s career to end. It’s right up their on the meanness scale with killing little puppies! Thank God, this voodoo stuff is rubbish and doesn’t work and in case it does rest assured CR9 and Real Madrid fans, that steps have been taken to ensure Cristiano Ronaldo’s safety. Where there is evil, there is good and so there is Fafa – the Wizard (love his name!) who claims that he has already cast a spell to repel evil Pepe’s spell. Fafa said “I have lit candles next to a picture of Cristiano to put the matter to an end.” Phew!

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Random Silliness: Cristiano, Girlfriend and Girlfriend!

Okay, now I am worried about Cristiano Ronaldo’s welfare and I am not referring to the hex put on him by Pepe-the Wizard or his silly comments about Barcelona or his current injury or the side-effects of long-term use of bucketfuls of hair gel nor his scary dream of becoming a professional singer!

Rafaella Fico

Raffaella Fico

Cristiano Ronaldo never really dates un-scary women, so I guess no one would be very surprised when I say I am worried about his dating habits. It’s not so much the choice of the woman he is dating (nothing can surprise me on that front!) It’s the fact that he is supposedly dating two women at the same time. The Spanish and Portuguese media have been relentlessly reporting about the Real Madrid striker’s relationship with aspiring actress and a contestant in the Italian version of Big Brother or simply of the sell-her-virginity-online marketing ploy fame, Raffaella Fico. The feisty young brunette, who wanted to use the money for acting lessons and to invest in a new house had been quick to point out that if she didn’t like the guy with the highest bid, she’d just have a glass of wine and forget about it, showing that she definitely is no pushover. So far, so good.

marisa Gomez-Sandoval

Cannon Girl!

However, the ever so committed, hardworking Spanish and Portuguese media are now reporting Spanish model and reality TV participant Marisa Gomez-Sandoval. I can’t begin to imagine how scary handling two very mad, very dramatic reality show stars will be. Also, Marisa has acquired the nickname “chica cañón” … assuming ‘cañón’ means cannon as in a heavy, scary-looking weapon of mass destruction (!!!) and not the camera company, I wouldn’t want to get this girl angry!

[picapp src=”5/1/8/4/PicImg_Football__Sunderland_c439.JPG?adImageId=6950074&imageId=4515152″ width=”380″ height=”504″ /]

So Ronaldo, who is hoping to be fit for the Real Madrid’s match against Milan in the Champions League next week, might just be sporting a black eye or two!

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