Andy Murray says no to pigging out

Andy Murray really is motivated to win the Wimbledon this year. He has reportedly resisted the urge to tuck into the massive delivery of tempting goodies that arrived at his door last week.

The Scot was surprised to get a delivery of 30 Percy Pigs from Marks & Spencer after his mum mentioned she often bought the sweets for her son.

Murray has in the past few years really become a lean, mean, tennis machine. He has been relying on his highly improved physical fitness to win matches from almost impossible positions.

At the 2008 Wimbledon and at last year’s French Open he came back from being two sets down to win in a dramatic fashion.

Murray says he is on a strict diet for the next 2 weeks and that the candy will just have to wait, reports the Sun.

“They’re just sitting in the house. I really like them but I’m being strict on my diet in the next couple of weeks, so I’ll wait until the tournament’s done.

“My girlfriend opened them last night and I had a bite out of one of them and that was it. But I have to try and resist the temptation for more.

The British No.1 who beat Richard Gasquet 7-6, 6-3, 6-2 plays Feliciano Lopez in the quarter-finals at SW19, today.

Surely, anyone who resists Percy Pigs (and looks like that) deserves a trophy.


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