Tim Howard speak no Mexicana!

Tim Howard is mad and you’d be forgiven for thinking it is because of USA’s incredible ability to snatch loss from the jaws of victory!

The USA were 2-0 up before they lost 4-2 but that is besides the point… for Tim Howard at least.

The US goalkeeper, who did a great impression of a fish out of water during the match, is absolutely livid about the Gold Cup post-match ceremony at the Rose Bowl being conducted in Spanish.

The final was played in front of a crowd of over 93,000 people, the vast majority of whom were Mexico supporters.

Howard felt his teammates were disrespected by the way the post-match formalities were conducted by arguably one of the most controversial football governing bodies (and we have a lot to choose from) – CONCACAF.

“CONCACAF should be ashamed of itself,” Howard said. “I think it was a f***ing disgrace that the entire post-match ceremony was in Spanish. You can bet your ass if we were in Mexico City it wouldn’t be all in English.”

Howard was seen gesturing angrily as the U.S. team left the field after receiving its runner-up medals, while team officials attempted to calm him down.

There are many things you may disagree with but Howard’s observation about CONCACAF not conducting the ceremony in English if the final was played in Mexico is spot on.

Because, just like in the predominantly Mexico supporting crowd in the Rose Bowl on Saturday night, people in Mexico speak in Spanish.

The faulty reasoning however, cannot be held against Howard. After all, the man isn’t even capable of coming up with an original rant and had to borrow Drogba’s ‘infamous’ lines to express himself.

PS: Watch the video and you’ll see that although most of the ceremony was in Spanish, the emcee, Fernando Fiore, did use English throughout, particularly when presenting the U.S. with the runners-up medals.



  1. Everyone is missing the point. The very sad thing is no matter what color your kids are they are no longer safe at these type of soccer games in the USA. I saw a rose bowl staff member with Asian features running from a hail of angry projectiles being tossed down on the field after the USA scored. My own children where assaulted with several cups of beer because they cheered for a USA goal….but you know the beer tossing fools hit a lot of Mexico fans too who were pretty unhappy to be soaked in beer just because they sat next to us. I am positive there were USA fans that were ill behaved too, because I saw plenty of drunks. I am sure a lot of Mexico fans got hit in the back of the head from water bottles tossed by other Mexico fans when the USA scored. Anybody reviewing the shots of the crowd can see the flying projectiles. The point is we are all human we all bleed red….everybody calls everyone else a racist so that must mean the whole world is racist.. I feel very sorry for our kids. Can’t we all just give each other some slack? Let’s start with the comments here. Stop calling Tim Howard a racist….if you knew anything about him you would not say that plus I was there I heard the nasty names thousands of people called him all game long. Please let’s all try to co-exist for the sake of our children. There were a lot of wonderful people filling that massive stadium with good intentions but we ruined it…that makes me sad. I hope that global warming forces everyone in the world to dye themselves a UV safe purple..that would end all this nonsense

  2. Bobby Gee said

    This was just the tip of the ice berg. First the pro mexican crowd so dissed the USA when they booed the national anthem. This is flat wrong. I was pissed when I heard this on the TV. If we Americans did this in Mexico City we would not get out of the city alive. Besides we wouldn’t that in the first place. Mexico had the better side that day but when Mexcians diss the host country this flat out wrong. This is what Howard and many Americans like me are mad about. Good post.

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