Rafael Nadal: Yet Another Ace!

The World Cup fever  it seems got me early this year. I didn’t quite realise how bad it had hit me, till I discovered a video by Shakira.  My fat head,( made fatter by lofty dreams of England returning home with the trophy) assumed that all Shakira was working on till World Cup was also football related. She however, made the video for her song ‘Gypsy’ and cast the newly crowned US Open Champion and World No. 1 Rafael Nadal in it as her lover. The song is a part of Shakira’s ‘She Wolf’ album and topped Billboard.com‘s weekly list of Top 10 videos.

“Shooting this video with Rafa was a great experience, he is very sweet and made it easy and fun,” said Shakira. “He and I have so much in common — starting out so young in our respective careers and traveling the world — I felt this would translate the spirit of the lyrics in the song and I was thrilled he wanted to be a part of it.”

“It has been a great experience and I had a lot of fun doing it. I had some time in between tournaments and preparation and could not miss this opportunity.”, said Nadal of his role in the video. “Shakira, as always, was spectacular. Working with a woman as charming as her, well, it makes it a lot easier to tell the truth. It was great, very easy, she’s really sweet and that always makes the hours go by faster.”

So if you are like me and love Rafael Nadal, music and Shakira and haven’t seen the video, blame it on Waka Waka, Vuvuzelas and the World Cup.


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  1. Satindra said

    Wow! this is fantastic. Two of the finest people in one of the best videos I have seen. I can’t decide who looks better- Rafa or Shakira? I cannot believe I missed this one. The music isn’t bad either. Thank you! Rheasport.

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