Come and Get Your World Cup!

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If England, Italy and France want the World Cup, all they need to do is track down a group of burglers. It has been reported that FIFA’s temporary headquarters in Johannesburg have been burgled. The robbers walked away with sports equipment and get this, 7 World Cup trophies (!!!), albeit replicas. The replicas were used mostly as gifts for officials and each trophy was worth an estimated $225.

The South African police commissioner Gen. Bheki Cele told reporters earlier today:

“We know there was a burglary at the FIFA offices. Seven replicas of the World Cup were stolen and several sweaters. Police are looking into it.”

Since the World Cup began, the police have arrested 316 people for various crimes related to the tournament, mostly cell phone thieves and forged tickets sellers.Reports claim authorities believe it to have been an inside job and are looking for suspects “very familiar with the environment in the FIFA offices”.

FIFA, who have had a very embarrassing week already, with the Frank Lampard and Carlos Tevez goal controversy are yet to make a statement about the incident.

Article first published as World Cup Trophies Stolen on Technorati.


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  1. Hmm, England and France won’t be wining anything so to see…

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