Football World Cup Inspired Art

The World Cup assures entertainment and great football but many would agree that it is especially wonderful to see art being inspired by the beautiful game. The 2008 FIFA World Cup in Germany was accompanied by a official art poster collection for the very first time. The edition was an absolute success and current edition of official FIFA World Cup art brings together offerings from 17 eclectic artists from all over the world all with “some special relation to Africa”. The collection includes artwork by acclaimed artists and young talent, all of whom have created iconic images of football. The limited edition posters can be ordered separately or as a collection.

Another stunning collection is the 32-mural collection commissioned by ESPN  under the direction of New York based ad agency – Wieden+Kennedy, of  Nike Write the Future ad fame.

The focus of the collection was to highlight African artists and artwork which made Wieden+Kennedy  hire Cape Town based illustrators Am I Collective. All the murals are inspired by 80’s Ghanaian film posters and took 3 months to complete.  They celebrate each of the 32 teams that will be competing in the 2010 FIFA World Cup. The artwork has already started rolling out in print and online.

Article first published as World Cup Art on Technorati.


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