Chelsea to Overhaul Squad with Premier League Players?

[picapp align=”center” wrap=”false” link=”term=carlo+ancelotti&iid=8291551″ src=”c/b/e/1/Football__Chelsea_9f6e.jpg?adImageId=11914519&imageId=8291551″ width=”500″ height=”378″ /]

Ever since we lost to Inter, talks about a summer clear-out at Chelsea have failed to die-out.  Joe Cole still hasn’t signed a new contract and it very seems likely that we will lose him to (brace yourselves) Manchester United. Joey Cole was good in our game against Aston Villa and I find it very strange that Chelsea aren’t trying harder to keep him. I mean, you’d have to be blind twice over to not see how gifted a player he is!

Another player who could be gone this summer is Deco. The Portuguese play-maker has already made known his desire to move to Brazil and will most likely end up at Fluninese, leaving Chelsea with a much reduced wage-bill.  John Obi-Mikel and Kalou are the other two first-teamers who might be considered surplus to requirements at Stamford Bridge.

If you are rolling you eyes and wondering why Chelsea are selling 4-first teamers when our bench already looks ill-equipped to cope with the inevitable injury problems during the season. Fear not my fellow Chelsea supporter, Carlo’s got a plan!

It is rumored that Carlo Ancelotti’s got his eye on an Everton duo. David Moyes, thee be warned!  What Carlo wants, Carlo gets and he wants the South African play-maker, hairstyle extraordinaire, Steven Pienaar. Tottenham are also interested in Steven Pienaar who is valued at around £13 million and is said to be looking for options ahead of the World Cup. Since he has already been bitten by the Champions League bug whilst at Ajax, I am guessing  he would want to move to a club that can assure him Champions League football (sorry Tottenham!).

The other player that Ancelotti has his eye on is the extremely talented Jack Rodwell and whom I would love to see at Chelsea and not just because he is a wonderful footballer but also because Sir Alex also wants the Under 21 England International and feels that he will be a perfect replacement for Rio Ferdinand. If Carlo Ancelotti does lure Rodwell to Chelsea, it’ll mean that the impossible has been accomplished… Sir Alex has been denied something! The referees won’t do it so I guess we’ll have to!

The two are valued together at around £32m. Roman being a wonderful owner is happy to invest in the club but would want to see a much sleeker wage bill. He has decided to play it safe and not go completely overboard in funding Chelsea’s transfer budget. The recession affects billionaires too! This explains why we might see some first team players leaving the club come summer. However, I do wish that we can keep Joe Cole and hope we can find buyers for Hilario!


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