World’s Richest Football Clubs Revealed

With the awards season upon us, its no surprise that Deloitte’s sport unit have revealed the world’s richest football clubs list . Real Madrid who have dominated this particular list for the last 4 years have yet again topped it with annual revenues of 401.4m euros. The phenomenal figures based on data from 2008/09 season also see’s Real Madrid become the first global sports team to top annual revenues of 400m euros according to the Football Money League. Real Madrid’s arch rivals Barcelona take the second spot ahead of English Premier League Champions Manchester United who drop to third. Manchester United had dominated the list for 8 years until Real Madrid dethroned them. The authors however, do point out that Manchester United would have been top of the list had the value of the pound not fallen. Despite the exchange rate issues, seven of the top 20 teams listed in the rich-list are from England. Tottenham (15th), Manchester City (19th) and relegated club Newcastle United (20th) making it in the second half of the list.¬†All the 20 clubs are from the ‘big five’ Eurpean leagues with Germany contributing 5 clubs, Italy 4 and 2 each from Spain and France.

World’s Richest Football Clubs

  1. Real Madrid: 401.4m euros
  2. Barcelona: 365.9m euros
  3. Man Utd: 327m euros
  4. Bayern Munich: 289.5m euros
  5. Arsenal: 263m euros
  6. Chelsea: 242.3m
  7. Liverpool: 217m euros
  8. Juventus: 202.3m euros
  9. Inter Milan 196.5m euros
  10. AC Milan: 196.5.m euros

This Deloitte review however, may be a little misleading as it does not include the cost of transfer fees or player wages, or VAT and other sales taxes, and concentrates solely on day-to-day income from football business. The income includes money from ticket sales, sponsorship, merchandising and other commercial revenues, television monies, corporate hospitality, and non-match day stadium use. With Portsmouth becoming the first Premier League club to enter administration, and giants such as Manchester United and Liverpool in financial trouble despite performing well in the league shows that the problem of overspending is still a major concern. The Deloitte list however does indicate that their is still a lot of money in the game and with careful administration through measures such as wage-ceilings and prudent transfer fees, football can get through this precarious financial period unscathed.



  1. moses omowele said

    i am proud to be a barcelona fan.

  2. gilbert said

    am Gilbert Eze, a bacelona fans, i will continue to be, true all my life,,, i will like to know the detail about the most richest club in the world,,,,,, i will like to tell you i have intrest in handball if only i can see some to give me a helping hand i will be so glad and praise my GOD…………..

  3. paschal ohale said

    for me paschal its FORRZA MILAN all the way

  4. victor moses said

    I will forever remain a gunner fan.afterall they are the fifth in the world richest club.proud 2 b a gunner.

  5. mukhtar said

    real madrid a so endowed

  6. Musa jibrin said

    I wil luv chelsea til eternity

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