Florida Highway Patrol will not press charges against Tiger Woods

[picapp align=”left” wrap=”true” link=”term=tiger+woods&iid=6974213″ src=”5/5/d/7/WGC__HSBC_c346.jpg?adImageId=7968545&imageId=6974213″ width=”224″ height=”276″ /]The Florida Highway Patrol has confirmed that they will be not be pursuing criminal charges against Tiger Woods in connection with the car accident last Friday and confirmed that there will be no further investigations into the matter. Woods hit a fire hydrant while pulling out of the driveway of his Isleworth, Florida, home and then drove into a tree on his neighbor’s property.

Maj. Cindy Williams from Florida Highway Patrol said Woods was guilty of careless driving and Woods had met all the legal requirements of Florida law by providing his driver’s license, registration and proof of insurance. The FHP added that after reviewing the evidence, it was determined that there was insufficient evidence available to issue a subpoena for any additional medical information that might exist in this case.

“There are no claims of domestic violence by any individual”, the Major confirmed.

Woods, 36, has been given a citation for careless driving and if found guilty will be fined $164 and 4 points on a driving record.

The golfer, who was treated for facial lacerations, withdrew from his own golf tournament blaming the injuries from the crash.


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