Chelsea Win : Arsenal 0 – 3 Chelsea

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Chelsea won! On a rain-soaked evening in London, Chelsea beat Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium and boy, was it fun! It was a very crucial match and I shudder to think that we could have reduced our 5-point lead on United (the Manure sort! :P) to a mere 2-points but the mighty Blues didn’t disappoint.  I was pretty sure we’d win but that didn’t keep me from biting my nails and looking horrified every time Arsenal had the ball and you have got to admit they had the ball a lot of the time. The first half was scary with the Gunners really having the majority of the ball and playing their free-flowing football which on a normal day (read when they aren’t playing Chelsea/when they aren’t try to win our title) I love to watch.

What stunned me in the first half was the shout for penalty or should I say the ‘non-shout’ from our lads for the penalty. Surely, Anelka was brought down by Bacary Sagna in the box and that certainly was a penalty. I wonder why we didn’t ask for it to be given! I am guessing our brilliant Blueees were just too confident about beating Arsenal (hehe their name really cracks me up… pun intended!).  I love that confident air Chelsea have got about them these days, but guys next time, just claim your penalty!

Arsenal remind me of a pretty girl sitting in front of the mirror brushing her hair, while the house is on fire. OK, I know that probably made no sense and I blame it on the excitement of the win, but  I am going to try and explain it anyway… Arsenal continue to play their beautiful football even when they know that it probably isn’t working and what they should be doing is getting dirty, closing down (fire-fighting), defending … playing the Italian style. They knew they are going to get killed yet they went on nonchalantly flaunting their beautiful footballing style and losing the game.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not complaining, not one bit, and I don’t think Arsenal could have done much today, ‘coz lets face it, they were facing the ‘real’ champions tonight  but in the future if they really want to be serious title contenders they need to add steel to their style.

By the end of the first half, I was starting to get a little jittery and every time the crowd booed Ashley, I wanted to beat them up and when John Terry found Ashley Cole with that wonderful pass and Ashley did his bit of magic to pass to the Drog who scored that first goal, I stopped trying to look for the calculator (yes you caught me I need the calculator for calculating all the points and stuff!). I knew we were gonna win and started appropriately singing ‘carefree where ever we may be’. Within 3 minutes, Ashely Cole did his bit of magic again (that should teach ’em to boo you Ashley!) and the  already stunned Arsenal defense didn’t know what had hit them when they saw the ball in the back of their goal yet again. Thomas Vermaelen’s own goal had  put us 2 goals ahead.If  truth be told, the pass from Ashely was just so good that it was impossible to defend, if Thomas hadn’t gotten his boot to it, Drogba would have; so it really isn’t the Belgian’s fault.  For a long time now I have felt, Thomas Vermaelen has been one of the best buys of this EPL season and I think he is incredibly handsome… well.. after today, I think I can safely say he is purrrfect!

When Wenger brought Theo Walcott on I thought, ‘oh boy!’  However, our lads handled the pacy Theo very well. They were phenomenal and in the words of the great Carlo Ancelotti, the defense did a “fantastic job“.

Oh and Drogba is God, his free-kick from 25 yards was a stunner and something I am going to love watching replays of!

Cheers, Chelsea! ktbffh



  1. Chelsea beat Arsenal comprehensively.
    Chelsea had ‘Champions’ written all over them.

  2. hey Rhea,

    I really like you and your blog very much… you are a really good writer…
    coming to the topic, being a gooner, I was very disappointed with the way we played. I had expected a lot better from our lads but that wasn’t supposed to be. We missed Van Persie and Clichy very much… Chelsea deserved to win it…

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