The David Beckham Art


No matter how many underwear ads he steals off of him David Becham has proved Cristiano Ronaldo doesn’t know nothing about promotion yet.  A painting of Becks’ footprint has sold for half a million dollars! The 21st Century Leadership Awards were held in Doha, Qatar, last Friday. The event included an auction of unique art pieces, one of which was a painting by renowned contemporary artist Sacha Jafri: ‘David Beckham – A Celebration’ . Originally valued at $1.4mn, the painting raked in the lion’s share of the total 1.26 mn raised by the event, the proceeds of which will go to various charitable programmes chosen by the celebrities involved. The painting which is a celebration of the achievements of David Beckham on and off the field is the only painting in the world featuring both his footprint and signature!

Strangely this isn’t the first time Beckham’s footprint has graced Sacha Jafri’s canvas. About three years back  Sacha made ‘Celebration’ – a 6ft by 7ft painting which represented different aspects of Beck’s life featuring 12 of his many goals and 4 of his several hairstyles. The Mohican, the hairband , the swept to the side and  the slick look all made it in to this incredible painting however his wifeVictoria Beckham didn’t!  The painting was bought by a mystery buyer at an auction for £125,000

Besides Beckham’s footprint ‘Celebration’ also included the handprints of Rio Ferdinand, Paul Gascoigne, Paul Merson, Cesc Fabregas, (get ready for this Chelsea fans)… John Terry, Frank Lampard, Rudd Gullit and Gianfranco Zola!

Now thats what I call a peice of art!


Can you guess which ones are the Chelsea lads handprints?


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