Fafa to repel Pepe’s Spell: Cristiano Ronado Safe from Paris Hilton

The identity of the mystery ‘mean’ woman who asked Wizard Pepe to put a wizard1evilcurse on Cristiano Ronaldo has finally been revealed or may be I should say confirmed. Yep.. if you guessed this mystery “jilted lover”, “non-European” and “a very wealthy heiress from a well-known family” eluded to by Wizard Pepe, as Paris Hilton, feel free to do your crazy, silly, happy, woohoo victory dance now.

Paris, who fit the Wizard’s description of his client to the T has obliquely confirmed the suspicions of many to Life & Style magazine’s German edition.

She said “I can’t stand it when someone is mean. I want a man anyway, not someone who runs about like a little girl. He’s a wimp!”

Pepe – the Wizard, had revealed that he had been hired “to do everything possible to prevent Cristiano Ronaldo continuing his career in football” and that he will take his voodoo doll of the player and “stab him in the spine”.

blue wizardWow! she really does sound like a broken-hearted little princess with the touch of evil about her. That is just a horrible thing to say or agree to do. It is even more despicable to ask someone to do it. I can’t imagine anyone even jokingly hoping for a super footballer like Cristiano Ronaldo’s or even a common Cobbie’s career to end. It’s right up their on the meanness scale with killing little puppies! Thank God, this voodoo stuff is rubbish and doesn’t work and in case it does rest assured CR9 and Real Madrid fans, that steps have been taken to ensure Cristiano Ronaldo’s safety. Where there is evil, there is good and so there is Fafa – the Wizard (love his name!) who claims that he has already cast a spell to repel evil Pepe’s spell. Fafa said “I have lit candles next to a picture of Cristiano to put the matter to an end.” Phew!


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