Cristiano Ronaldo’s Random Silliness: Insults Barcelona

[picapp src=”7/f/3/c/What_hernia_Manchester_3ddc.jpg?adImageId=6949250&imageId=4965828″ width=”380″ height=”570″ /]

Football has for a long time now been quite a business. Gone are the days when there were no full-time footballers but only regular blokes with regular jobs who on weekends also played  football. Such has been the growth of the sport aided by media that nowadays when you are watching a football game it is usually 22 millionaires on the pitch.  And now, the sport seems be reaching another landmark, Cristiano Ronaldo seems all set to become the world’s second sporting billionaire after Tiger Woods. It is estimated Cristiano will be pocketing around 16,000 pounds a minute! I am going to  save myself the dizziness and not try to figure how much that comes out to in a year. Real Madrid who Ronaldo currently plays for (in case you forgot!)  are considering a series of money-spinning games in the Middle East, with the Portuguese wing wizard as their star attraction.Talk about being scared of getting out of your comfort zone!  Super rich Arab oil barons are willing to pay up to 3 millions pounds a game (!) to Real Madrid to play a series of exhibition matches. Jeez! Why not just fly down to Spain and watch them play for a maximum of  € 500 for the best seats? Anyway, the key to these plans going ahead is Ronaldo’s inclusion in the touring party and it is reported that the 3 million pound fee would be divided 50-50 between the club and Cristiano.

Cristiano thankful and ever so grateful to Real for paying him more than any other footballer on the planet with the chance of becoming a billionaire decided it was time to show his affection for the club. Now, usually the footballing genius would show it on the pitch by demolishing the opposition but since he is injured and recovering, he decided he would do it by insulting his super club’s biggest rivals Barcelona. In a rather dumb comment the love-struck footballer said that if he, hypothetically speaking could take anyone from the treble winners Barcelona’s squad, he wouldn’t sign anyone. I say, good thing you are not a manager Cristy! I can’t imagine anyone in the world who wouldn’t want the likes of Lionel Messi, Andres Iniesta, Thierry Henry or Xavi in their team. Also Cristiano conveniently seems to have forgotten that this team out of which he wouldn’t pick anyone  are currently top of the La Liga table and have dropped only 2 points. I’d give him  full points for the show of commitment to his team and none for coming out looking smart.

It seems Cristiano, the future Armani Underwear model (sorry pops, I mean Becks)  has been very busy practicing his singing for a bank commercial and makes silly comments to the press only in his free time. Lord be praised… or not!

What do you think….Ronaldo for Eurovision? 😛


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