Cristiano Ronaldo’s Random Silliness: Cristiano, Girlfriend and Girlfriend!

Okay, now I am worried about Cristiano Ronaldo’s welfare and I am not referring to the hex put on him by Pepe-the Wizard or his silly comments about Barcelona or his current injury or the side-effects of long-term use of bucketfuls of hair gel nor his scary dream of becoming a professional singer!

Rafaella Fico

Raffaella Fico

Cristiano Ronaldo never really dates un-scary women, so I guess no one would be very surprised when I say I am worried about his dating habits. It’s not so much the choice of the woman he is dating (nothing can surprise me on that front!) It’s the fact that he is supposedly dating two women at the same time. The Spanish and Portuguese media have been relentlessly reporting about the Real Madrid striker’s relationship with aspiring actress and a contestant in the Italian version of Big Brother or simply of the sell-her-virginity-online marketing ploy fame, Raffaella Fico. The feisty young brunette, who wanted to use the money for acting lessons and to invest in a new house had been quick to point out that if she didn’t like the guy with the highest bid, she’d just have a glass of wine and forget about it, showing that she definitely is no pushover. So far, so good.

marisa Gomez-Sandoval

Cannon Girl!

However, the ever so committed, hardworking Spanish and Portuguese media are now reporting Spanish model and reality TV participant Marisa Gomez-Sandoval. I can’t begin to imagine how scary handling two very mad, very dramatic reality show stars will be. Also, Marisa has acquired the nickname “chica cañón” … assuming ‘cañón’ means cannon as in a heavy, scary-looking weapon of mass destruction (!!!) and not the camera company, I wouldn’t want to get this girl angry!

[picapp src=”5/1/8/4/PicImg_Football__Sunderland_c439.JPG?adImageId=6950074&imageId=4515152″ width=”380″ height=”504″ /]

So Ronaldo, who is hoping to be fit for the Real Madrid’s match against Milan in the Champions League next week, might just be sporting a black eye or two!


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