Liverpool Win-Win Chelsea

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Go Liverpool! (Now, don’t leave, I haven’t changed allegiance!) Most true blues right now are rooting for Liverpool. Heck! I bet even Terry and the lads are running on their treadmills while hydrating themselves with their energy drinks (coz that is what they should be doing when the season is on)are cheering on Stevie G and his men. Chelsea did their job last evening with a stunning performance at home against Blackburn Rovers and are top of the table. That is all they could have done, and unfortunately we are in a position where staying top of the table depends on Liverpool really giving United a fight in today’s clash at Anfield.

I am glad we have Liverpool taking on the Red Devils today, because if there is any team, according to me who have the power, desire and a real chance of beating United, it Liverpool. I wouldn’t judge them by their form in the last few matches; in fact, I think it just might work out to Liverpool and our favour. They haven’t tasted success in so long and have been under such tremendous pressure and criticism and we know that they are the stuff champions are made of. They just might use all this anger and frustration to give a real thrashing to Sir Alex’s ‘not-really-in–form’ Manchester United. Manchester United have been scraping through but really didn’t deserve all the points against Bolton and it would have been fair if Sunderland had gotten all 3 points in their match against them.

Of course, Liverpool haven’t really been going great guns either. But for Liverpool it all depends on whether they play their best 11. I think Liverpool have the best starting 11 in the league after Chelsea and when everyone in the team is fit to play, they are capable of beating even the free-flowing Arsenal. The problem for Liverpool starts when one or two of their players are injured, that is when they really struggle because they just haven’t got players good enough to replace the first-teamers. A lot of people call Liverpool a Torres-Stevie show. I think it’s more of a Toress-Stevie G and Mascherano show. They need the midfielder even more now following Alonso’s departure. Mascherano has said recently that he wants to win. I hope Rafa can lead the team to some silverware this season or it would get very tough for Liverpool. The Argentine, I guess will be in the starting line-up today and hopefully, the talk about him not signing a new contract with Liverpool and Barcelona’s immense interest in the midfielder will all be forgotten on the field, atleast for today’s match. If they can have Stevie G, Torres and Javier Mascherano starting they are an incredibly tough team to beat, especially at home where their fans can drive any team to commit Hara-kiri!

So, there is really a very good chance that Liverpool will end up beating United or atleast drawing the match at Anfield today. And you know what that means…. Top of the table baby! ktbffh


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