It is great to be Roman Abramovich!

Reasons why its great to be Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea:

Who wouldn’t want to be rich, cute and own a football club? We all know Roman has a fleet of luxury  yachts (are there any other kind?) , beautiful houses, diamonds, paintings, butlers and well, all sorts of stuff! But while its good to be the rich and successful Roman Abramovich, here is why  it’s great to be Roman Abramovich, simply the owner of Chelsea FC.

[picapp src=”f/2/3/3/Roman_Abramovich_To_eca6.jpg?adImageId=6507583&imageId=3509768″ width=”397″ height=”594″ /]

6. You get to have Stamford the Lion, as your very own pet. Isn’t he the cutest mascot ever?

He furry, he’s cute, he’s cuddly, he dances  and he is not  at all ferocious. Who wouldn’t love such a pet lion? No wonder John Terry always pats Stamford the Lion’s head when the team comes on the pitch.

5. You have your very own Stadium in Stamford Bridge!

If one day Roman got up with the itch to become a rock star, he could invite 42,055 of his friends over, close the exits and sing his heart out.

4. You inherit with the club it’s 50,000 supporters and growing.

Roman from the day he acquired the club (and spent, spent, spent) got himself more than  50,000 people (yep, we don’t come cheap) plus Bryan Adams (the Canadian singer and Chelsea fan) who adore him.

3. You get to hang with Terry and Lampard whenever you feel like it:

A dream come true for any football fan or a female hot footballer stalker!  To be able to meet and talk to his footballing heroes is stuff most football fans dream about and there is no better (or better-looking) defender than JT and no one as talented as Frankie Lampard. Oh and you get the added bonus of hanging with Michael Ballack … he’s just cooool!

2.You get to have the power to bring and then sack Jose Mourinho.

Money makes the world go round baby. And if you own Chelsea FC and your name is Roman Abramovich, you got plenty of dough. This gives you the ultimate power to rule your very own little kingdom, yikes!. I remember being pretty upset when the Special one was sacked (or as the Portuguese manager stressed,  arrived at a mutual decision), but you got to admit, it must have been fun to be able to sack him.

And the no 1. reason why its great to be Roman Abramovich:

Your team gives you the most unique, unmatchable, wonderful birthday gift ever. They win 5-0! Yep, that is what Chelsea did today against Blackburn Rovers and if we’d been a little lucky we would have scored a few more. The team played fabulously with a goal and a penalty from Lampard. Boy, am I glad he scored, because the dry spell in the league seems to be frustrating him . Frankie Lampard relax, your role has changed since Ancelotti’s diamond and everyone in the press who is saying  that you are losing your touch is a buffoon of the highest degree. We see how much you contribute to the game most of the time. ‘Michael-dynamite-Essien’ was also on the score sheet with a superb strike which I am sure Roman loved. Drogba got us the penalty and forced an own goal and also headed one in off a Ballack corner kick. Joe Cole who was back from his 9-month injury was in incredibly good form. I wonder how he managed that, maybe played a lot of  FIFA 10?  It was a sheer pleasure watching him.

[picapp src=”b/0/7/c/59.JPG?adImageId=6510211&imageId=3821158″ width=”450″ height=”401″ /]

All in all, Chelsea were magnificent.  Top of the table, 5 goals, clean sheet, super play… wow! Roman could you tell them your next birthday is on November 8 when we meet Manchester United?

Happy Birthday Roman Abramovich. ktbffh


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  1. Shri_ace13 said

    An amazin gift for an amazing owner. And yeah the lampard we know is back. I say, he never “Regain” his form as he never lost it in the first place. And essien is a sharp shooting maniac! Ballack and drogba add to the glory! Btw, thank you givet.

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