A Lesson from a Loss: My happy crappy Diwali

It’s Diwali today and everyone in India is celebrating. This wonderful ‘festival of lights’ signifies a lot of things to a lot of people. It is a festival of joy,happiness, opulence, prosperity, stability and wealth. I don’t know of any other festival which celebrates wealth and where the common people spend money extravagantly and even gamble with abandon as a part of their religious duties. For the spiritually enlightened it may be the celebration of ‘the awareness of the inner light’  through contemplation, deep meditation and connecting with oneself in pursuit of a deeper understanding of your true self with the ultimate aim of achieving  ‘Ananda’ and ‘Nirvana’. For me, Diwali is justification for maxing out my credit card and partying till the break of dawn.

I thought the perfect start to the Diwali celebrations would be watching the Aston Villa-Chelsea match and was praying for Chelsea to get the Diwali fireworks started. Too bad, I always underestimate their capacity to surprise (read appall, shock and frustrate!) I mean seriously, what were we doing? Lampard had a pretty bad game and I am amazed at how bad some of our defending was. Also, why didn’t Carlo Ancelotti make a substitution sooner? The ‘Jose Mourinho School of substitution’ could have probably come to our rescue. What was Ancelotti, the Chelsea Manager thinking? If Lampard just didn’t come to office why wasn’t he substituted?

I can’t help but feel for John Terry, who was so mad with his team that he had to vent his frustration out on the goal post! Aston Villa are never an easy club to play and they definitely deserved the win today. They were clearly the better team and also looked like they wanted it way more than our carefree ‘Blues’. Aston Villa played like they were the ones in risk of getting knocked off the top spot on the League Table.

[picapp src=”2/f/1/7/8f.JPG?adImageId=6103392&imageId=1906613″ width=”500″ height=”329″ /]

A lot of people around me were lyrical about the match, saying how entertaining it was and how good Dunne’s goal was, how agile Agbonlahor was and how Drogba’s goal was just a case of bad defending. Jeez! Gimme a break…I was surrounded by people who didn’t realize how their innocent chatter was slowly killing my festival spirit. I’d take a mind numbing, boring match that ends with a Chelsea win any day over this one. I despise matches that Chelsea lose and am not very fond of people who go gaga over such a match either!  It was starting to look very bleak for my team and I was pretty miserable. The promised happy Diwali was turning out to be a crappy Diwali till Anelka in his enthusiasm to keep the ball in play, knocked the hyperactive, yet adorable Aston Villa Manager, Martin O’Neill off his feet.

I chuckled despite myself and realized it doesn’t matter who you are or who you know, what you know, football can always knock you off your feet. And all you have to do is get up, dust yourself off and after all it’s just a game. Happy Diwali. Cheers.


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