Eloquent Alex: Manchester United Manager In a Fix

Sir Alex Ferguson is so good for the game, I don’t know what we are going to do after he retires! He is the Paris Hilton of the English Premier League! I am not talking about his managerial genius (I mentioned Paris Hilton… duh) …I mean, he always makes sure, he stays in the news. It’s almost always something silly, meant to take the focus off of the poor performance of his team, controversial, inescapable and it’s usually annoying. But this week, since there was no premier league football to keep me occupied, I am quite enjoying the whole ‘Sir Alex Apology’ drama.

[picapp src=”0/e/6/f/Manchester_United_In_f177.jpg?adImageId=5767855&imageId=1994337″ width=”380″ height=”519″ /]

It was a good tactic, to distract people from his wrong team selection, Ben Foster’s fumble, Nani’s inability to fill Cristiano Ronaldo’s boots, and the embarrassment of being outplayed by his former player but this time he really has bitten off much more than he could chew. Saying that the mighty FA’s referee, Alan Wiley, wasn’t fit was bad enough, but Sir Alex put it, oh so eloquently, “You see referees abroad who are as fit as a butcher’s dog. The pace of the game demanded a referee who was fit. He was not fit. It was ridiculous.”
Comparing a FA referee, who it was later revealed covered more ground in that game than any player from Sir Alex’s ‘magical’ team, was going a step too far. This time the FA are mad (about time too, I’d say!) and he can’t get away with the crappy, hasty apology he made from his holiday in New York.
The FA (can’t believe I actually ‘like’ what they are doing) just aren’t buying it, so the suave Scot has decided to write them a letter of apology. It looks like he will be facing a touchline ban for sure but I would just like to do my part as a football (and Chelsea fan), and remind the FA, that a footballer gets sent for so much as a hint of dissent. Surely, a one-match or even three-match, touchline ban can’t be enough. I say, FA just go crazy, knock your self out, have a ball!


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