The Red Shirt Theory

I have a confession to make, I didn’t watch the Chelsea match last night. I fell asleep after a terrifying day at the gym (I have a trainer from hell) and didn’t hear the alarm go off at KO. Okay, you caught me! Geeez! I did hear the alarm but switched it off.  There, I admit it. I just wish that, that had been my only stupid mistake of the day but sadly I was on a roll. I wore a red shirt. I never ever ever wear a red shirt on a day when Chelsea are playing. But yesterday, keeping in tune with my over-confident, non-superstitious persona, I wore a red shirt after my work-out and fell asleep wearing it. This whole thing about not wearing red when Chelsea are playing came from years of analysing Chelsea’s results. I realised long back that Chelsea lost every single game they played when I as wearing a red shirt, and not just tough games. All bizarre match results that they got, games no one expected them to lose were all explained by the dreaded red shirt. ‘The Red Shirt Theory” was born.

Never again!

I don’t  want to sound too self-important but this red shirt thing, really is freakishly accurate. I admit I have been a bad, bad, bad fan and so, after a long, guilt racked night and a good portion of the day,  I finally managed to catch the replay of the game. Having seen the entire match, I have got to admit, I am still gutted about the loss but also somewhat relieved! I know we lost… We are no longer unbeaten in the league and our magical run has come to an end… it sucks. I mean it wasn’t supposed to happen.Wigan Athletic weren’t supposed to win(we are the best of the big four goddammit!.. bow down to us NOW!). Wigan were supposed to like they always do, against the big four, drop points. Too bad they’ve ended their own record (not a magical one by any standards) and they created a moment of magic which I am sure their fans are still celebrating (or dealing with the massive hangover from the all the celebrations).
Fair play to the Wigan Athletic, I think they played their game, weren’t very scared of us (boo hoo!) and managed to get a historical result. Well done, you guys. Hope you keep up this great ‘big four bashing’ form up for your game against ManU (see, how I resisted calling them a specific form of cow dung… taking the high road.. oh yessiree!). Wigan played well, but I can’t help but look at the Petr Cech incident as being very instrumental in the Chelsea loss.  I definitely don’t think there was   any intent to go for Rodallega,  in Cech’s dash forward for the ball. He  was just unlucky and awfully clumsy in that challenge. While I understand that there was contact and it was in the box, the referee really had no choice but to give a penalty. What I have a problem understanding is, why the referee gave Petr Cech, a straight red card?  Rodallega wasn’t injured, the referee couldn’t have been sure of Petr Cech intent to foul play, so why the horrible red card?  I guess, it wasn’t entirely my fault that Chelsea lost the game but a bad judgment call on the part of the referee that crippled Chelsea. A shout-out to Drogba for the 100th goal, yo da main man, man!

PS: I hereby, solemnly promise to never ridicule the god of superstitions and stick to not wearing red on Chelsea match days.


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