Sinfully Scrumptious Sunday

“Chocolate Brownie!”,  that is the thought I woke up with. I am a ‘weekend dieter’ which basically means that I try to undo the harm done to my body by junk food over the week by going on something of a detox diet of fruit, beer (for those additional anti-oxidants) and to add delusions of a spa-like experience to it all, Wine!  So, I  was mortified to be thinking about a hot, straight out of the oven, really chocolaty chocolate brownie even before I had gotten out of bed.

It didn’t take long, after the brownie scored from the penalty spot and a very cuddly lion rejoiced, for me to realise that I was not having a chocolate brownie craving from hell.  It was the mouth-watering Chelsea – Tottenham Hotspur game which my silly sleepy brain had got mixed up with a chocolate brownie! The London derby, Frank Lampard being pitted against his Uncle, a chance to beat Tottenham, who have had a very good season minus the match against Manchester United, a chance to stay top of the table….Yes sirree, it definitely  is a delicious fixture!

Now, the world is full of inventive geniuses like the person who invented the ‘hot chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream,  topped with chocolate sauce and cookies sundae’. That is what the Manchester Derby does to the Chelsea-Tottenham game. It adds that dressing, the finishing touches, and that extra bit of magic to a perfect treat. Also, I am thrilled that the Chelsea game follows the Manchester Derby ‘coz I always like last bite of my sundae to be the brownie. It promises to be a sinfully scrumptious Sunday with no calories… woop woop!


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  1. Satindra said

    It was really a great treat -just as you had anticipated – Sinfully scrumptious. Thank you for the info. Else I might have missed the greatest Derby I have ever seen.
    Manchester City are no longer 'noisy neighbours, they are worthy contenders.

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