Good News – Bad News

Wow! It’s turning out to be quite a month for me. First it gets me in the dumps and then something extremely pleasant and wonderful happens. Almost starting to ‘want’ something not so pleasant to happen, so I can get to the pleasant stuff quick. Started off with FIFA being dumb, and then Chelsea went and played that exciting game at Stoke,winning all 5 of their matches so far and being top of table. Then there was the Drogba ban from the past that came back to haunt me last night, but it was followed by the news of Joe Cole being back and on the bench for the match and then Chelsea won against Porto. So there you go, bad news…good news. I thought we were doomed for a few minutes (seemed like an eternity) when John Terry went down in the first half, but he saved me from turning a scary shade of blue (the Chelsea blue isn’t a very flattering colour for the face), when he got up and in true JT spirit got back to business. It was raining so heavily at the ground, that the ‘non-believer’ in me thought, that some silly error was going to cost Chelsea the game. It was crazy rain and Chelsea, lets face it aren’t the luckiest of teams, like say Manchester United. A shout-out to the grounds men at Stamford Bridge! Thanks to them, what a field we’ve got, absolutely top class. Speaking of top class, the Anelka goal was just that. We had so many scoring opportunities but it had  to be a top class goal for Chelsea (guys, seriously, your fans love the excitement and the unpredictability of your matches, but we don’t mind predictablity once in a while).They played so well, if only the finishing had been a little better, I reckon we would have won by 10 goals. Petr Cech, you are the ultimate and I hereby, promise to look a little more kindly to your occasional faux pas (as long as  you promise to keep them occasional and limited to exhibition matches that don’t really matter). No offence to Porto supporters, their team played very well too(see how nice I am, provided my team wins). All in all, a top class pitch, a top class goal, a top class save, and a top class result for a top class club. Go Blueees! Just got the news about Peter Kenyon leaving the club. Thank you for what you’ve done for our club and we’ll miss you Peter. I guess pleasant news is on it’s way…. can’t wait for the Tottenham match on Saturday.


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