The Cutest Mascot … Yeah?

I have often had the whole, premier-league-being-better-than-the-Spanish League’ debate with my friends and always reminded them quite smugly how when we take the quality on display of all the clubs in the EPL and then compare it to the La Liga, we are far superior. The number of English clubs making the semi-finals and finals of the Champions League has been my key weapon for silencing the critics of the English League who think that the premier league is not as exciting. (oh lord, forgive them for the know no better!). But the other day I found something where, the Spanish clubs have quite clearly outdone their English counterparts. Watch the video to see Real Valladolid’s new recruit. They desperately wanted to beat Valencia and took the old saying that, ‘ if you want to beat Valencia, recruit a circus bear,’ quite literally. Too bad, it didn’t work, but you gotta give it to the Spanish for knowing how to have a ‘bear of a time’!

Stamford the Lion, you are still the cutest but this bear puts up quite a fight… yeah?


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