Of Brats and Gentlemen

I guess no one living in India can escape Cricket and if you are Indian, chances are you wouldn’t want to escape it. So, its no wonder, that when there was no Football match and while I waited for the US Open Mens Final (woohoo!), I started to watch the incredible Sri Lanka-India one day (50 over) Compaq Cup Final. Just realised, while I was typing the last sentence, that cricket is complicated and not just because of its many rules and funny sounding positions (the silly point!); but also in terms of the various formats of the game… 5-day Test cricket for the people who consider themselves ‘real’ connoisseurs of the game, the 50-over one-day match (my favourite form of cricket) and now the most recent 20-20 game (the circus!) . But what’s considered complicated by some (no game can make you feel dumb, faster than cricket), is considered great variety by others. I am glad to be from a cricketing nation ‘coz I took to the game like fish to water and its always been easy for me to understand it. I tried explaining it to a friend of mine from the Sweden and well, he was convinced that it was boring and people who liked it were boring too. This reminded me of what Richard Gere said about Opera in Pretty Woman People’s reactions to opera the first time they see it is very dramatic; they either love it or they hate it. If they love it, they will always love it. If they don’t, they may learn to appreciate it, but it will never become part of their soul”. 
Cricket is like that too. So I am glad I was born in a country where Cricket comes with the territory.
India won the match and the Compaq trophy. Their performance was faultless. Sachin Tendulkar’s batting was super and the ballers performed wonderfully, bowling out Sri Lanka in just 47 overs and everyone was happy. There were handshakes and smiles and hugs and cheer after they had won. I was glad they won but I really didn’t like the way they behaved on the field with each other. They didn’t look like a team when the going was (somewhat) tough. Pouting, blaming, cribbing, frowning, saying nasty things to each other when they were fielding. It was like watching spoilt heiresses rather than world class sportsmen! In contrast the Sri Lankans were composed, classy and together even when they lost the game and the tournament. C’mon you guys, what is the point of  winning matches being bratty, someday, its going to catch up with you. Probably explained why India has gotten to so many finals (twenty at least) in the last few years  but only won a handful of them (three-this being the third). It probably would have been better if the classier team had won.  After all cricket is supposed to be a ‘gentleman’s game’. Or may be it’s time to introduce the gentleman to yellow and red cards.     



  1. kdscope said

    Hi.. another avid cricket follower here πŸ™‚ I watched parts of the game and definitely felt that the team that won did not play like true winners. They were very sloppy on the field and it appeared like the team that crumbled first under pressure lost. Also, I believe the Indian team is not as bad as you have perceived it to be in terms of bonding/team spirit. They are a young side and really enjoy their game. They have improved as a 'team' over past few years. Meanwhile, it's over to Arthur Ashe .. the God is playing πŸ™‚

  2. Satindra said

    All Indian cricketers should be sent to a finishing school. BCCI should consider starting one of their own. Sports people are influential role models, they need to learn to conduct themselves with dignity and poise. Cricket is fast losing its character as a gentleman's game because of the lack of life skills of the players who play it at the highest level.

  3. Satindra said

    We have a new God!

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