The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

5 games, 5 wins! Top of the table and the only team in the Premier League this season not to have dropped points so far. I am so proud to be a Chelsea fan, especially after seeing last night’s match. Just love the new and improved ‘boys in blue’ under Coach Carlos, who never give up and keep trying to get the win until the very last minute (would be kinder to your fans guys, if you kinda didn’t leave it sooo till the end). But then it wouldn’t be my Chelsea, if they didn’t keep the excitement up in their matches. That would be another club something United, I think they call themselves. They come in, score a few goals in the first half and usually kill the match. Pity their supporters who almost never get their share of excitement!(yep, those guys can do nothing right by me!).
I have a little ritual after Chelsea win a match (have one after they lose as well, but don’t think I’ll talk about that here)… I watch for the results/discussion shows to hear the pundits (even the ones who were betting against them) sing praises about my team and see the goals all over again. Its easier to watch the opposition score and even admire the goal when you know that your team has already won… much less stressful and very enjoyable. Also, sometimes I like to feel like I am the kind of person who is always calm and composed and that a silly ‘game’ couldn’t make her scream and jump about like a cat on a hot tin roof.
So, imagine my horror when all the shows weren’t focusing on Chelsea, the ‘table leaders’!
Every show was discussing Manchester City’s Adebayor and not because he had scored a hatrick like Yossi Benayoun did for Liverpool and not because of Manchester City’s 4-2 win over Arsenal! It was because Emmanuel Adebayor had managed to get his head on a ball and ‘unfortunately’ scored for his new club. So in all humbleness, he felt he should celebrate right in front of the Arsenal (his former club) fans to get some ‘love’. Arsenal Fans,according to him, had not ‘loved’ him enough, when he played for them. Fans whom he felt it was okay to begrudge, now that he was at another club.
I really enjoy Arsenal’s style of football and used to count Adebayor as one of the better footballers in the league and as a very nice, good person. With this one gesture of his last night, he has managed to convince me that he is neither. And I am not even a real Arsenal supporter! I can only imagine, how hurt the Arsenal supporters must have been and I can understand (not saying it was right) why they started to hurtle bottles and other stuff at him.
Was such incitement really necessary? If he really wanted to teach his former club a lesson for not recognising his talents enough, why didn’t he simply try scoring a hatrick. Guess that is tougher to do than, say running across the field to celebrate! He was shown a yellow card and will probably get a ban/fine. I guess he lost his temper and he’s only human and probably (read definitely) not very bright and fans will (like fans always do) forgive him and the incident will be forgotten. But if it’s true that he went in with intent to hurt Robin Van Persie when he caught his cheek with his studs (and one cannot not think of the very public fight the two had last season),the game is definitely better off without Mr.Adebayor. All in all, this certainly isn’t the kind of thing that is going to get him ‘love’ that he so desperately seeks.

Its so sad when such a disgraceful incident makes all the headlines and all the wonderful positives and highs of the games get lost in the mess. In all, an incredible 32 goals were scored in the premier league last night. That is how we should remember it. Or maybe as the day that Chelsea retained top spot (just the way it should be), Yossi Benayoun scored a hatrick for Liverpool, Manchester United came from behind with only 10 men to beat Tottenham, 32 goals scored in all in the premier league and the day that Manchester City beat Arsenal 4-2.

Make football happy …. Make fans happy.



  1. Satindra said

    Sports persons ought to learn to love and respect their fans. It is because of the fans they can make a profession out of the game they love playing. Adebayor should be banned for the season for such atrocious behaviour.
    Your Chelsea bias is more endearing than irritating. Thank you for the video.

  2. Andi David Bangun said

    nice riview Rhea…

    Go… CHELSA… wait the premiership title…

    andi david

  3. Rhea said

    Thank you for the comments guys.

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