Derby Derailed

I am absolutely gutted. Carlos Tevez is injured and is almost certain to miss next week’s Manchester derby. I mean did nothing good come out of the Argentina-Brazil match? Ever since, Tevez signed for City, I have been the relishing the prospect of the derby (had the date circled out on my calender, the ‘do not disturb’ sign handy, put champagne on my shopping list, the works!)! I don’t know what the details of Tevez contract were and why Manchester United didn’t or couldn’t hold  on to such a wonderful, hard-working, absolute dynamo of a player. But I did feel the pain when Tevez who I think is a rare footballer and is respected, loved not only by his club fans but by all football fans regardless of their club loyalties. Fans who are lucky enough to have him play for his club ‘love’ him and those who don’t have him (fans like me), are terrified of him but still love him. Carlos is also one of those footballer who tells the press exactly how he feels, call it naivety, lack of media savviness, insanity but its admirable all the same. He made it amply clear in interviews, time and again with tears in his eyes how badly he wanted to stay at United and how much he loved it there. He didn’t want to leave England and how he wanted his kids to grow up there. He contributed to the United cause from the day he was signed till his last game as a United player. He kept hoping, I think till the very last day that United would renew his contract but  Manchester United were mean to him.  I was happy that he signed up for Manchester City (would have been happier if he was a Chelsea player though), and really wanted Tevez to make United pay for letting him go. To make them lose some more points. I think a lot of City fans will be feeling as disappointed and some United fans letting out a sigh of relief for they know what a Carlos Tevez (in a good mood) can do to the opposition let alone a revenge seeking Carlos Tevez. The silver lining is that there is always a next time and may be that will be an even worst time for United to slip up (can’t help but think how nice a 6-point slip up will be). Oh well, shouldn’t get so greedy but Carlos, you owe me 3 points off United (and may be you could take it a little easy on the 5th of December). Get well quick.


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  1. Satindra said

    Carlos Tavez is a Thoroughbred disguised as a work horse. His prodigious talent will be recognized sooner than later.

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