‘Oudin it?

It’s been a while since I wrote here, don’t really have anyone or anything to blame. I am just lazy and take the short, faster way out (read twitter). Not only was I being lazy, I recently realized I was being a little too smug and almost considering myself, a pundit of sorts. I was challenging all my friends about predicting correctly all the high profile football and tennis matches since The Champions League Final. So as you can well imagine my head was getting a little too big for my puny body and I was almost on the verge of a ‘lift-off’, which I definitely didn’t want since I don’t know if there is any sport out in space! Might have been good riddance for my friends I am guessing, since I was ruining most of their games by predicting so accurately the results. Oh well, thank God, all that is behind us now, and its all thanks to the ‘US Open’ where absolutely wonderful things are now happening. It started off as the dullest of US Opens, since it was the first time all the top 16 seeded players made it to the round of 32, and me with my big ‘predict all’ head thought it would be an easy tournament to call. I was wrong, there was a wonderful upset with Andy Roddick (who I absolutely adore and desperately want winning another title) got taken by John Isner in one of the best matches since the Federer-Roddick Wimbledon final this year and the Federer-Nadal Final the year before. I was just about beginning to buy the whole women’s tennis not being as interesting as men’s tennis when Kim Clijsters came back and I was hooked again. Despite Kim being back, I thought Venus would probably win and Serena would probably be in the Finals playing her sister or in the semis playing well but not as well as I feel she can play. And then it happened, Venus Williams taken out by ‘Kim Possible’ in the 4th round. It was interesting. I had never heard of Melanie Oudin and I would have bet good money on either of Pavluchenkova or Dementieva easily beating her, a 17 year old from Georgia. And if the 2 Russians couldn’t get her, I knew compatriot Sharapova would make quick business of her. Boy! Was I wrong and am I glad that I didn’t start putting money where my mouth is as I watch Oudin beat her fourth Russian Petrova and on her way to her first slam quarterfinals. A fairytale and here’s hoping it has a wonderful ending. If only this unpredictability of sport can continue and Croatia can go on to beat England on Wednesday and make it tough for England to qualify for the World Cup. No wait, hasn’t that kinda thing happened before?


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  1. Satindra said

    Every day in every way players are getting better and better…and younger.

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